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BMW is just as famous for its motorcycles as it is for its premium cars. According to the German automaker, in the future, motorcycle riders will no longer need to wear helmets or padded clothing. Riders also won’t need to put their feet on the ground when they stop, because BMW’s smart motorcycle of the future will balance itself and help its driver to avoid crashes.

The BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 was revealed in California recently, offering a glimpse into what motorcycles of the future will look like decades from now, according to BMW designers. Motorcycles will be just as exciting as they are now, but a lot safer. For example, balancing wheels will expel the need for a kickstand, and the smart vehicle will also feature an “electronic safety cage” that’s able to communicate with other vehicles on the road through sensors so that it can automatically avoid crashes, CNN reported.

BMW has presented an ambitious concept, and it’s important to remember that it is just that: a concept. It’s unclear just how much of the technology presented in the Motorrad Vision Next 100 will be able to be implemented by BMW. A production model hasn’t been announced. The bike would be powered by an electric motor as opposed to a gasoline engine, BMW says. But BMW’s charismatic motorcycle appeal will not lose its famous shape of flat-twin engines with the cylinders coming out the sides.

Another notable safety feature of the concept vehicle is its flexible frame which could bend as the bike steers, eliminating the need for joints, and also making it much safer if it comes into impact. There would be no traditional shock absorbers, and the tires would smooth the ride themselves, says CNN. They would also have a variable tread that adjusts itself to suit different road conditions. The bike is the last of the BMW Next 100 concept vehicles unveiled in celebration of BMW’s 100th anniversary.

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